Cumbria Multicultural Women’s Network brings together women of diverse cultures now living in Cumbria, for the purpose of acknowledging and celebrating individual heritage and traditions, sharing unique and collective experience, and nurturing skills and confidence; thus enhancing abilities to integrate with local community and pursue new opportunities.

Who We Are

CMWN operates as a web organisation which is a network of different multicultural women's groups around the county of Cumbria, enabling members to get involved with a group which is geographically nearest to them and also join in the activities of any other groups as they choose. Joint programs and exchange events amongst groups are organised in addition to separate group activities. Members come from all age groups and ethnicities.

 There are four active groups at the moment and one emerging group; whilst CMWN is developing as an entity in its new format, many lead and active members act as a glue amongst the entire CMWN to make sure that members are kept informed of activities and opportunities for engagement internally within CMWN and externally.  Some of our groups have been established for years and others have successfully started the process in 2011-12; these are currently finding their place within CMWN and taking shape to suit own membership.

The CMWN - Furness group, is what was historically CMWN and has driven the development of the county wide Network. This group has generously changed its name to CMWN-Furness beginning of 2011 to allow space for other new sister groups to join the county wide CMWN. The group is very energetic and active, it's been developing since 2004 and has been constituted in February 2012 with the aim of continuing to grow and develop in the Furness area as well as support and initiate activity of new multicultural women's groups throughout Cumbria.

The CMWN - Furness group has had a great supporter in the Furness Multicultural Community Forum since its beginnings. The group meets in Barrow in the Forum's Multicultural Centre and runs many activities there too. The Ulverston meetings took place in Lanternhouse for a number of years; following its closure, meetings take place in Ulverston's Ford Park Cafe.
The Furness group leadership is: Donika Begaj (Lead), Jo Ann Saltiga (Deputy Lead), Rosi Jordal (Secretary), Pat Edwards (Treasurer) and Maha Ismail, Omnia Mossaad, Pat Jaehnig, Pat Williams, Sol Gray and Wendy Rowe.

Many other active and loyal members make this group a truly unique, fulfiling and pathfinding platform for its nearly 100 members.

To get in touch with CMWN - Furness, please contact Jo Ann Saltiga:
Mob. 07883068946

CMWN - Windermere group was formed in 2008 and is now led by Hanna Burke who has been with the group for over two years. Hanna has generous support from the Windermere Methodist Church where the group meets. In addition, volunteers from the church have assisted by offering to meet up with Network members to practice conversational English which has been a great help for individual women. 
Hanna runs a varied program of indoor and outdoor activities; being in the heart of the Lake District it would be a shame no to. This group plans their program annually with lots of input from members themselves; due to many members' changing working patterns no regular meetings take place but the dates are arranged to suit the majority which is a challenge for Hanna and the group.

To get in touch with CMWN - Windermere, please contact Hanna Burke:
Mob. 07853129778

CMWN - Kendal

(further information about the group coming soon)

Contact: Andrea Aldridge

CMWN in Penrith 

(further information about the group coming soon)

Contact: Emilia Zbikowska

 -Wellbeing of Women (WoW)

(further information about the group coming soon)

Contact: Karen Dexter


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