Cumbria Multicultural Women’s Network brings together women of diverse cultures now living in Cumbria, for the purpose of acknowledging and celebrating individual heritage and traditions, sharing unique and collective experience, and nurturing skills and confidence; thus enhancing abilities to integrate with local community and pursue new opportunities.

What We Do

Photo Journeys – crossing borders

You are welcome to take part in this continuing project.  Join a friendly group to find out how to piece together a graphic account of your own unique journey of migration. 

Weave your storyline using a few lines of text and photos from your family albums that reflect periods of your life and the moments of change that have led you to your present multicultural life. 

All albums are the property of the people who make them. 

The project began when some of the women from the network joined together to create their own albums.  The albums featured in the exhibition, Migration – migracija, at the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal in 2007.  Some albums were also on view at the Multicultural Festival at Forum 28 in 2009 and as with the documentary films made by Alien Films, the albums can be very effective in raising awareness in the wider public. 

We are grateful to all members who have made and shown their albums more widely. 

If you are interested in joining a group to make your own album, contact Wendy.

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"It is so good to have organisations such as the one you run Donika, as a safety-net if you will, for when people need a 'heads-up' on a situation or a 'where-to-next' port of call."