Cumbria Multicultural Women’s Network brings together women of diverse cultures now living in Cumbria, for the purpose of acknowledging and celebrating individual heritage and traditions, sharing unique and collective experience, and nurturing skills and confidence; thus enhancing abilities to integrate with local community and pursue new opportunities.

What We Do

On-going enterprises

Many of our on-going projects aim to give us the chance to talk about our home country and our lives elsewhere.  These projects relate to food, family, cultural lifestyles - the things that are deeply meaningful but are not part of the way we live our new lives in this country. 

We pick-up on these enterprises whenever a group wants to record their memories for posterity or to talk about issues that concern them.  Let us know if you would be interested in any of the following activities and we will put you in touch with an interested group.

We use different media to remember our lives in this way and we share our memories in many different ways, including for educational uses with local colleges, schools and universities and at public activites. You are welcome to add your suggestions.

These are activities we offer from time to time.

Photo Journeys:   Members have created albums using family photos which tell the story of their migration journeys.  In 2007, ten albums were exhibited in the Rytojus 2007: Migration - migracija exhibition, curated by Wendy Rowe at the Brewery Art Gallery in Kendal.

Filmmaking and soundrecording. We use film and sound recordings to make documentaries about our lives before we moved here - and to talk about the issues of bringing up families while living beween two cultures.  The films can be used to save and share memories and sometimes they can to be used in educational programmes in schools and colleges, to spread awareness of  the different ways life is lived in the world. See Alien Films

 Recipes: We are collecting recipes, together with stories and memories of why our recipe is important to us. When we have gathered enough recipes we will look for funding to publish our very special recipe book. see Ethnic Recipes

Creative writing:Groups work with a professional writer to discover the joys of writing for Pleasure.  Members are delighted to write stories and poetry which express their feelings about their past and present lives.  Sometimes a group may form to develop skills which could lead to publication.  'New Voices in Cumbria', a small book of members poetry and prose writing, was published in 2009.  Currently a group is writing a play for BBC radio.

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  Visiting schools

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"Just to say I‘ve truly enjoyed the event and met so many interesting women who inspired me."