Cumbria Multicultural Women’s Network brings together women of diverse cultures now living in Cumbria, for the purpose of acknowledging and celebrating individual heritage and traditions, sharing unique and collective experience, and nurturing skills and confidence; thus enhancing abilities to integrate with local community and pursue new opportunities.


Friday 16 March 2012

Alien Films

Alien Films is a media group established in 2008 by a group of women from CMWN.  The initial aim was to make short documentary films to enable women to tell their stories in their own way; offering a voice for the women, raising awareness, offering a focus for discussion and creating a valuable archive for posterity. 

A range of short documentaries have been made and shown in local schools and colleges, and to organisations such as the Fire service, Police, NHS Trust, County councillors and at public meetings throughout the county. 

Through the international research programme Visible Voice, the group forms part of an international partnership of communities linked together to offer friendship and support across national borders. Visible voice partner groups are from Brazil, Canada, Kyrgyzstan. Through this partnership our films have been shown in international festivals and on online.   

Titles include: A Tale of Migrant Mothers, Away from Home, My Homeland

The group meets together to develop skills and to create short films which educate, entertain and allow women to speak in their own voice.  If you are interested to join the group or to tell your story, click here


CMWN Furness.  Alien Films group. 

"It brings to life people who lead hidden lives in a county like Cumbria (Migrant Stories)"